Wearing Wedding Jewelry From Family Heirlooms

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Wedding jewelry is something that a lot of brides have to spend a lot of time, energy, and money on. If you are lucky enough to have family jewelry that will be given to you or you will be allowed to borrow pieces you should be excited.The jewelry will provide the "someting borrowed" and You will be saved a lot of work looking for the right jewellery.There would not be any reason to be concerned about the cost of the jewelry, or whether it matches your dress and if it has that unique special something that most brides are looking for.Instead, you can just put on the beautiful jewelry and relax as you plan for your walk down the aisle.

Wedding jewellery that your family lends you or gives to you is likely not only beautiful, but also very meaningful. It isn’t uncommon in many families for the women to hand down their jewelry from one generation to the next.Not only will you possibly have unique and very special jewelry, but they will provide jewelry that has meaning. Anyone can walk into a store and buy beautiful jewelry, but when you are wearing antique pieces or pieces those generations of your family have worn the pieces instantly become more beautiful and more meaningful. As you walk down the aisle you are walking with the women of the past, and that is powerful.

If you have been given wedding jewelry and you aren’t all that excited about it, you don’t have to feel bad. You may want to pick and choose the wedding jewelry that you do like and then politely tell the women in your family that you simply don t want or need all that much jewelry. There is a polite way to turn down the offers to wear family jewellery, so just make sure when you turn down the offers that you keep in mind just how precious the pieces may be to your family members.

The great thing about wedding jewelry that is handed down from one generation to the next is that you have the opportunity to make it yours. Sure, it may have been purchased decades ago, but when you pair it with your dress and your veil and your personality it will become new all over again.Take advantage of the offer of family jewelry and plan the rest of your wedding clothing to incorporate it to make your wedding that more meaningful.

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