Unusual Diamond Styles For Engagement Rings

There are almost as many different styles and types of engagement rings as there are couples planning to get married.

Finding the right types of rings for your engagement is an important step along the path to marriage.

white gold engagement ringLooking beyond the common, traditional types of diamond engagement rings may be just the opportunity you have been searching for to find a really unique style.

A popular twist on the traditional engagement rings and wedding band sets is to use unique types of metals and gems. Engagement rings can now be made of the standard gold and silver, but platinum, titanium and palladium are also becoming more popular. There is also the option to use pink gold or combine different colors of gold and silver or other types of metals . Shapes of the band can also make a ring look very unique. Traditional flatter or rounded narrow bands can be replaced with curving or interlocking bands that draw the eye and add to the overall visual effect of engagement rings.

The type of cut of the stone, usually a diamond, in the engagement ring can also add to the originality of the ring designs. Many engagement rings feature the more traditional round, heart or oval shapes of diamonds, but just a small change on the shape of the diamond can give a completely new look to a traditional band and ring .

Princess cut engagement rings have always been popular but continue to seen as a great option for any style of ring. The princess cut diamond is square in shape rather than round, but they are also tapered to a point on the underside. The cut increases the amount of light reflected through the ring. This gives a lot of fire and sparkle to a diamond, adding to the overall appearance of the ring .

Marquise cut diamonds are not new but are rapidly overtaking some of the more traditional cuts in solitaire styles. The longer, oval shape ending in tapered points can make a smaller diamond look much longer. It is a perfect shape for those with longer, delicate fingers since it conforms to the shape of the hand .

Ascher, princess cut diamonds and Marquise cut diamonds can be stand-alone stones in solitaire engagement rings but they can also be used in three stone engagement rings. The natural shape of both these cuts lends to being bordered on either side with smaller baguette style gems or diamonds. Other shapes that do well in three stone bands and rings include round cut, oval and princess cut diamonds.

Making the choice of between traditional and more unique styles of engagement rings is really a personal preference. Since this is such an important decision looking at a variety of engagement rings before deciding is important now as well as in the future.

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