Understand What Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Are

One factor that helps decide value of a diamond is its clarity; the other factors are its cut, carat and color. Obviously, a diamond that is considered as flawless and perfect will have perfect diamond clarity as well. However, diamonds are not always flawless and many will in fact have a few minor flaws and in fact there are two such types of flaws that you need to be wary about.

Diamond Clarity – Inclusions And Blemishes

The first type of flaw to look out for is inclusion while the other flaw is what is known as blemishes. Inclusions are flaws that have to do with the very characteristic of the diamond and among inclusions there are number of flaws that mar the diamond clarity and these include internal graining, cleavage, bearding, knots and feathers/clouds and cavities.

On the other hand, the diamond clarity can also be marred by blemishes which typically involve the surface of the diamond being such that diamond clarity has been lost. Things such as nicks, grain boundaries, chipping, pits, scratches in addition to polish lines are typical examples of disfigured diamond clarity.

Diamonds can be categorized as being flawless, very slightly included, flawed on the inside, slightly included as well as included and each of these categories are further divided into several grades. Furthermore, the diamond is also graded on other considerations including its color and nature, position and size as well as number.

Jewelers consider diamond clarityas being the complete look of the diamond along with the characteristics of the diamond. So flawless diamonds are the prominent diamond clarity as a flawed diamond or one with rating of 13 is much of the time cloudy in its visual aspect and it will also have certain unneeded marks on it.

It is hard to truly distinguish diamond clarity with the naked eye and so a magnifying glass needs to be used though a diamond with rating S12 will appear almost flawless to the naked eye and it is only professionals that can distinguish a flawless diamond from a diamond rated S12.

Buyers obviously would like to diamonds that are flawless or as close to being flawless. However, the cost of such diamonds is very high and so not everybody can afford to buy such diamonds though a diamond with rating of S12 or better will prove to be a good purchase.

It is also worthwhile understanding what clarity enhanced diamonds are and whether they are worth purchasing. As far as diamond clarity is concerned, if a diamond has flaws in its clarity it will not make a difference whether the size of the diamond is large or small; it will have lost its beauty and so you should look for better diamonds to find one that has acceptable clarity.

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