Types of Pearl Necklace

Aside from diamonds, pearls also make a significant glow and are very popular among jewelry enthusiasts. Pearls make up fine jewelry sets just like the pearl necklace that has a unique appeal and charm that can attract a lot of people’s interests. One great factor of a pearl necklace is that its beauty and appeal lasts for eternity. Moreover, a person can wear a pearl necklace on any types of attire. Wearing a pearl necklace simply illustrates elegance and prestige in a fashionable way.

However, there are 6 different types of pearl necklace to choose from. These necklaces have different lengths and are used on various specific events. The choker, dog collar, princess, matinee, opera, and rope are the different types of a pearls necklace.

The dog collar pearl necklace has a length measurement of 10 to 13 inches and is considered as the smallest of the group. It is the one that is usually worn closest to the neck and is often used on various casual occasions.

The choker pearl necklace has a length that reaches 16 to 18 inches and is the perfect addition for formal attire.

The princess pearl necklace reaches to a length of 17 to 20 inches. This particular type of necklace is very popular among teen agers and young adults who are in their early 20s. A perfect addition for all night outs, a princess pearl necklace is sure to bring out the royalty in you.

The matinee pearl necklace is the one that is often seen on business suits and corporate attires. This type of pearl necklace is perfect on business meetings to bring out power an authority. This type of pearl necklace has a length measurement of 20 to 24 inches.

Opera pearl necklace is much longer than a matinee pearl necklace that measures to about 28 to 34 inches in length. This type of necklace is much more appropriate on special events like weddings and grand celebrations.

Rope pearl necklace is the longest of them all which measures to 45 inches and above. It is the perfect match for pant suits and the perfect symbol for elegance and style.

Pearl necklaces like pure pearls are also available in various color like gold, pink, white, black, cream, and white rose. White and white rose colored pearls seem to be the favorite color as it serves as the perfect pearl for any range of skin color. But if you happen to have a darker skin tone, golden colored pearl necklaces are the best choice for you. Freshwater pearls also come in two different diameter ranges. The first one has a size of 6-8 mm which can be worn on almost any types of occasions while the second one is 10 mm. The smaller version of a pearl is more frequently worn as it can go on various occasions while the bigger one is specifically intended for special occasions.

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