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Silver Jewelry Overview

Silver is a type of metal that is often used to make various types of jewelry. It is very fashionable and you will find it used for charms, rings, necklaces, and earrings. Many people prefer the color of silver to gold and they love the fact that it is less expensive. Yet silver doesn’t have […]

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Inspire With Jewelry

Adding an inspirational message to a gift of jewelry is a wonderful way to let someone know that you care about them by providing a constant message of hope and affirmation. Everyone has his or her own unique inspiration, adding yours to jewelry will personalize and customize your next jewelry gift. There are endless sources […]

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Caring for your Jewelry & Bracelets

Caring properly for your silver bracelet is important to maintain its gorgeous look Silver is a metal, but it is susceptible to the effects of the environment. Silver is likely to tarnish or oxidize when exposed to the elements. Salt, sulfur, and oxygen are the culprits when it comes to silver tarnish. From Christian bracelets […]

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Custom Jewelry: The One-of-a-Kind Gift

Jewelry has long been one of the most popular gift ideas for men and women of any age. Think of all the jewellery commercials and advertisements you see every day and you will see that the jewellery companies are always marketing for Christmas, Valentine s Day, wedding anniversaries and of course for weddings and engagements. […]

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Sterling Silver Amethyst Ring And Good Health

When you see a sterling silver amethyst ring, the first thing that you will notice is how striking and classy it is. But most people do not know that wearing this classy masterpiece can provide hidden but proven benefits. The amethyst’s noble color covers a wide array of hues, from a very light lavender to […]

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Unusual Diamond Styles For Engagement Rings

There are almost as many different styles and types of engagement rings as there are couples planning to get married. Finding the right types of rings for your engagement is an important step along the path to marriage. Looking beyond the common, traditional types of diamond engagement rings may be just the opportunity you have […]

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Turquoise – a Gorgeous Precious Stone used in Silver Jewelry

Turquoise is a gorgeous gemstone that looks so good in silver turquoise jewelry.       >>  See natural turquoise silver jewellery here Scientifically it’s a blend of phosphates and aluminum with some traces of copper oxide, from which it gets its blue color, and iron, zinc, calcium and manganese oxide. The green color arises […]

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Birthstone Jewelry for December – Turquoise

The precious stone used in December birthstone jewelry is the turquoise, a blue green mineral that is a phosphate of copper and aluminum. >> See Turquoise silver jewellery: Click here It is a rare stone that has been used in decorative pieces and gold and silver jewelry for many thousands of years and was worn […]

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Several Considerations When Getting an Engagement Ring

What is in your mind when comes an idea of deciding on an engagement ring? An engagement ring is a thing you should not overlook when you are going to pronounce your romantic intentions for marriage. It is also as a way to show your love and your commitment to your going to be husband […]

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History of Lucky Charms

Since the time of the Pharaohs people have been carrying charms as amulets to keep them safe from evil or for luck and prosperity. The use of charms attached to bracelets is thought to have been started by the ancient Egyptians who wore them as symbols of their faith and to carry with them to […]

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