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Pearls: Freshwater or Saltwater?

Most people when they imagine a pearl are picturing perfectly round, smooth spheres, with an iridescent creamy white appearance. The reality is that pearls are usually irregular in shape, each one is different and to find one that is completely round is almost unheard of, not to mention trying to make a whole necklace of […]

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Pearl Rings

Wearing one of nature‚Äôs best offerings on a finger is a definite magnet for admiration. If you have a pearl ring on your finger, even a quick hand gesture will just probably work for you. However, do not think that it is all because of you since it might be just the jewelry stealing the […]

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Types of Pearl Necklace

Aside from diamonds, pearls also make a significant glow and are very popular among jewelry enthusiasts. Pearls make up fine jewelry sets just like the pearl necklace that has a unique appeal and charm that can attract a lot of people’s interests. One great factor of a pearl necklace is that its beauty and appeal […]

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