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Custom Jewelry: The One-of-a-Kind Gift

Jewelry has long been one of the most popular gift ideas for men and women of any age. Think of all the jewellery commercials and advertisements you see every day and you will see that the jewellery companies are always marketing for Christmas, Valentine s Day, wedding anniversaries and of course for weddings and engagements. […]

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Sterling Silver Amethyst Ring And Good Health

When you see a sterling silver amethyst ring, the first thing that you will notice is how striking and classy it is. But most people do not know that wearing this classy masterpiece can provide hidden but proven benefits. The amethyst’s noble color covers a wide array of hues, from a very light lavender to […]

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Turquoise – a Gorgeous Precious Stone used in Silver Jewelry

Turquoise is a gorgeous gemstone that looks so good in silver turquoise jewelry.       >>  See natural turquoise silver jewellery here Scientifically it’s a blend of phosphates and aluminum with some traces of copper oxide, from which it gets its blue color, and iron, zinc, calcium and manganese oxide. The green color arises […]

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Where To Get Best Precious Diamond Jewels

Are you looking for a stunning piece of jewelry? If you are, then you have your work cut out for you. There are so many different types of jewelry that feature precious diamond jewels. Naturally, it’s not hard to get something that you like the complexity is tapering it down to a part that you […]

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Birthstone Jewelry for December – Turquoise

The precious stone used in December birthstone jewelry is the turquoise, a blue green mineral that is a phosphate of copper and aluminum. >> See Turquoise silver jewellery: Click here It is a rare stone that has been used in decorative pieces and gold and silver jewelry for many thousands of years and was worn […]

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Amethyst Jewellery

One of the most commonly used beads in beaded jewelry are Amethyst beads. Amethyst semi precious stones are quite famous semi precious beads, quite the size of stones, and hence the name. They are often used in jewelry making and make good garnishing with bigger bead pendants or as trappings with bigger semi precious beads. […]

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The Meaning and History of Celtic Knot Designs

Many people throughout the world find the symbols and meanings of Celtic jewelry designs fascinating and like to collect gold or silver Celtic knot jewelry. There are many lovely pieces of jewelry depicting Celtic knots and other Celtic designs and it can be intriguing collecting jewelry with either a distinct type of pattern, for example […]

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Wearing Wedding Jewelry From Family Heirlooms

teardrop crystal wedding jewelry Wedding jewelry is something that a lot of brides have to spend a lot of time, energy, and money on. If you are lucky enough to have family jewelry that will be given to you or you will be allowed to borrow pieces you should be excited.The jewelry will provide the […]

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Bling Bling Jewelry

Silver and Bling is the newest jewelry that has caught the imagination of the young and the old Bling or bling-bling whatever you call it, there is no denying  the fact that this type of jewelry is absolutely stunning and allows a huge amount of creativity for the wearer. Bling does not always require any […]

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Amethyst Jewelry

Silver jewellery dresses up beautifully when you add natural gemstones. Amethyst has long been used as gemstones and ornamental stones. Jewelry designers and makers from all around the world have selected amethyst for making jewelry pieces like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bangles and many other pieces of beautiful and affordable fashion jewelry. The hardness of this […]

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