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History of Lucky Charms

Since the time of the Pharaohs people have been carrying charms as amulets to keep them safe from evil or for luck and prosperity. The use of charms attached to bracelets is thought to have been started by the ancient Egyptians who wore them as symbols of their faith and to carry with them to […]

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Aquamarine Gem, Myth And Mystery

The blue beryl aquamarine has an interesting set of mystic properties associated with it. Since ancient times this gemstone was believed to possess some metaphysical properties that make these gems truly special. The history of aquamarine brings forth the fact that it has been considered the lucky talisman of sailors of older era. Because of […]

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Amethysts, History

Amethyst is popularly regarded as a gemstone. Several names have been attributed to it due to its characteristics and variety in colors. The pinkish lavender shade is called ‘Rose de France.’ It is the least sought after variety compared to the intense violet shade called ‘Siberian’ which is the most-sought after shade of all. The […]

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