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Study Up For Wedding Ring Shopping Trip

Judging custom wedding rings is to a large degree, admittedly, a subjective affair. You either like the look or you don’t. But when adding in factors of cost, durability and the like, it’s helpful to be aware of some objective criteria used by the pros. You’ll want your personalized ring choice to be a good […]

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Unusual Diamond Styles For Engagement Rings

There are almost as many different styles and types of engagement rings as there are couples planning to get married. Finding the right types of rings for your engagement is an important step along the path to marriage. Looking beyond the common, traditional types of diamond engagement rings may be just the opportunity you have […]

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The Legacy of Asscher Diamonds

The name Asscher has been attached to many of the diamond industry’s major moments. It’s a name associated with some of the largest diamonds in the world, a name that’s seen it’s share of dark times, and one responsible for a diamond cut that came to symbolize an era. It’s a name with more than […]

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Rings Come in All Sizes, Make Sure it Fits

The Birth of Your Ring Purchasing an engagement ring is something that most folkes will only want to do once in a lifetime. However, buying an diamond ring is a bit more complicated than buying a new pair of shoes or even a new car. Potential ring buyers have to get an understanding not only […]

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Engagement Rings Must Not Necessarily Be Expensive

The long awaited day of proposal is on its way and you want it as extraordinary as the girl you love. You know perfectly that the wedding is going to invoke some costs and your budget is limited. So, you would like to find an engagement ring at the correct price but it to look […]

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Several Considerations When Getting an Engagement Ring

What is in your mind when comes an idea of deciding on an engagement ring? An engagement ring is a thing you should not overlook when you are going to pronounce your romantic intentions for marriage. It is also as a way to show your love and your commitment to your going to be husband […]

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Choosing from the many types of high quality modern engagement rings

Technological improvements and new designs are used to create contemporary engagement rings. They are made using the finest gems and metals and have a modern style and feel. They give the perfect look to that stylish and trendy young bride or an older bride with an eye for style. When you begin your search for […]

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