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How to take good care of your Gemstone Jewelry

From unique solitaire engagement rings. Your Jewelry cost a lot, so it should be well-taken care of to extend its life and beauty. Here are some guidelines to take care of your Gemstone Jewelry. Clean it! Cleaning your Gemstone Jewellery doesn’t require any special accessories or appliances. A bowl of water with some drops of […]

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Caring for your Jewelry & Bracelets

Caring properly for your silver bracelet is important to maintain its gorgeous look Silver is a metal, but it is susceptible to the effects of the environment. Silver is likely to tarnish or oxidize when exposed to the elements. Salt, sulfur, and oxygen are the culprits when it comes to silver tarnish. From Christian bracelets […]

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Turquoise – a Gorgeous Precious Stone used in Silver Jewelry

Turquoise is a gorgeous gemstone that looks so good in silver turquoise jewelry.       >>  See natural turquoise silver jewellery here Scientifically it’s a blend of phosphates and aluminum with some traces of copper oxide, from which it gets its blue color, and iron, zinc, calcium and manganese oxide. The green color arises […]

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