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Amethyst Jewellery

One of the most commonly used beads in beaded jewelry are Amethyst beads. Amethyst semi precious stones are quite famous semi precious beads, quite the size of stones, and hence the name. They are often used in jewelry making and make good garnishing with bigger bead pendants or as trappings with bigger semi precious beads. […]

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Semi Precious Stone Jewelry Styles

There are a lot of styles and trends in jewelry and accessory creations that are available in the market today. One of which are floral designs of pendant necklaces that are made with semi-precious stones. The stones actually add a feminine touch to your outfit and pink flower jewelry could actually be flattering. Another classic […]

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History of Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Silver crystal jewellery has its beginnings many years ago and swarovski crystal became known over 100 years ago when a way was found to cut the crystal to make it really brillliant and splarkly. Silver with swarovski elements For admirers of fine crystal, there is something magical about the name Swarovski. For over 100 years, […]

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Unique Handmade And Silver Crystal Jewellery

Silver crystal jewellery is a beauful and exotic combination of exquisite cystals and precious and semi-precious metals such as silver and gold which combne beautifully to create a unique piece of sparkle and shine. Crystal possesses timeless beauty and it is the best material to use in jewelry as it is relatively inexpensive. Use of […]

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