Spotting a Good Gemstone

From emerald cut diamond solitaire engagement ring. Jade, a generic term for nephrite and jadeite Gems is regarded as a fascinating Gemstone for collectors and Jewelry enthusiasts. Asian countries regard jade as a valuable antique. Jade is said to have symbolic beauty and energy since it balances creativity and mental agility in Gemstone therapy. Many people want jade for various reasons because of its uniqueness as well as its impressive history where even the Aztecs and ancient Egyptians regard jade as a symbolic item. Here are some guidelines in spotting a good jade.

Select the people you buy jade from

Since jade is a really rare and wanted Gemstone, many people have created ways of making fakes or imitation jades. Finding a good genuine jade might cost a lot and consume a lot of time. In buying jade Gems, only trust reputable sellers or dealers and collectors. Never buy from shady stores in the area or resorting to online stores which can be doubted most of the time. Having a critical eye to look for a good jade Diamond will be a necessary weapon in hunting for these beauties.

Determining the value of the jade

Generally, a jade Gemstones value depends on the intensity of the color, transparency, clarity, and its texture. Connoisseurs differentiate the shades of green in seven main qualities, from light shades of apple green to the darker shades of green.

Different countries regard a specific color more valuable among jade Gemstones based from their culture. USA and Europe regard spinach green and apple green colors of jade the most valuable. Meanwhile, far eastern countries prefer jade in colors of sheer white or yellow with a trace of pink. Generally, the hint of lavender or fine violet in jade is the most popular color. However the rarest of jade Diamonds in color are the imperial green which has extraordinary depth. This color of jade Gemstone fetches the highest price.

It all depends on the collector or buyer

For those collectors who don’t just fancy buying jade Diamonds, advice on what to buy will be futile. Everyone has their own tastes and preference on what color or shape to buy. However for those enthusiasts who enjoy the beauty of jade, they have a wide variety of designs to choose from, especially since modern chic designs have sprouted.

Nevertheless, anyone will enjoy a jade Diamond, no matter its color, shape, or texture, since it is a beauty no one can deny.

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