Silver Jewelry Overview

Silver is a type of metal that is often used to make various types of jewelry. It is very fashionable and you will find it used for charms, rings, necklaces, and earrings. Many people prefer the color of silver to gold and they love the fact that it is less expensive. Yet silver doesn’t have the equal resell price as gold.

Silver is considered to be continually made to keep up with the demand for it and be one of the four precious metals out there. You may be surprised to discover that silver is harder than gold. Metals that reflects light the best is the precious. This is why silver jewelry seems to have a luster that never goes away.

Silver is found in high numbers in many areas around the world including Peru, China, Mexico, and Australia. It has to be mined away from the rocks and it found below the surface. The process for evoking silver core is much easier and less expensive than for gold. This further leads to why silver costs so less more than gold.

In addition to jewelry, silver is used to make many other products we use on a fixture basis. The utensils we used to eat with are often made from silver. Many coins including nickels, quarters, and dimes are made from silver as well. A liquid form of silver called liquid colloidal silver is also used to make different types of medicines.

The majority of silver though is used for making silver jewelry. It will hold the shape easily since it’s a very hard metal. Some individuals have an allergy to silver jewelry though. If your skin becomes itchy in the area or you see a greenish tint then you should stop wearing it.

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In recent years there has been a high increase in people flipping from gold wedding rings to silver. They don’t seem to get damaged as easily and they’re less expensive. They also hold their shine for years longer than gold and they look great with beautiful diamonds in them. Take a look at your local jewelry dealer to find out what all of the attraction is about.

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    Darling, the crystals are not only jewery!
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