Semi Precious Stone Jewelry Styles

There are a lot of styles and trends in jewelry and accessory creations that are available in the market today.

One of which are floral designs of pendant necklaces that are made with semi-precious stones. The stones actually add a feminine touch to your outfit and pink flower jewelry could actually be flattering.

Another classic style that is emerging to be popular again would be black and whites, as they look elegant and sophisticated with semi-precious stones on silver earrings, necklaces or earrings.

Sun-kissed shades are also big like hues of yellow, orange, blue and green. These shades actually make great and striking combinations. For instance, a necklace could be made with red adventuring jade (which is actually an orange shade), golden yellow topaz or green adventuring jade crystals. Any of these semi-precious stone combinations could surely make you appear a golden beauty.

Also eye-catching pieces would be translucent jewelry that are very trendy today as well. Translucent jewelry is usually made with quartz jewelry, rose quartz, smoky quartz and clear quartz. These semi-precious stones look even more stylish if they are worn with crystal beads – the sparkle and the clarity truly gets the attention of other people.

Blue would also be a hot color to wear, as it could match well with white, yellow and green. There are a lot of beautiful semi-precious stones that are of a blue hue and probably the most attractive of those would be the turquoise stone. Although its color is not that strong, it still has the ability to stand out.

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