Pearl Rings

Wearing one of nature’s best offerings on a finger is a definite magnet for admiration. If you have a pearl ring on your finger, even a quick hand gesture will just probably work for you. However, do not think that it is all because of you since it might be just the jewelry stealing the show. This merely complements the main feature, the centerpiece of the ring, which is the pearl. No matter where it is placed, a pearl always captivates the discriminating eyes. However, implanting it in a fine silver ring and wearing it makes one exude the pearl’s exquisiteness as well.

Setting it in a first-rate gold or silver ring, amplifies its beauty and worth. A wonderful conclusion of the combined work of an oyster, sand, and sea, the pearl is a unique natural art. Every pearl is different from the rest. At a glance, they may look like they are the same but, in fact, they are not. Hence, you can always be sure that the ring you are wearing is one of a kind. Of course, any skilled hand can copy the ring itself but not a single pearl can ever be replicated, not even by the oyster it originated from.

You can bet that someone else has the same ring design but you guarantee that your pearl is unique. The pearls also come in different colors and sizes depending on the type. One can choose over cultured saltwater pearls or the cultured freshwater pearls. People can also choose to have the white South Sea pearl for a classic and elegant look or they can have the colored pearl such as the Tahitian black pearl to exude mystery and sophistication. This may not be your choice but some people get those Majorca pearls, which are actually made of synthetic materials but still get the attention it wants.

A pearl ring on one’s finger is not just a symbol of her love for visual artistic perfection. Aside from its captivating beauty, it also represents the individuality of the person wearing it. It silently shouts out your sophistication to everyone you meet with just a handshake. A white pearl is also the favorite jewelry piece for weddings as it epitomizes purity. People who were born in June or under the Gemini zodiac sign are lucky to have the pearl as their birthstone.

Ever since it was discovered, pearls have highlighted the jewelries throughout history.  Generations to generations, legends have been passed and told about these wonders from the ocean.

Magical stories have been told to children about it. Recent history has shown many kings and queens wearing pearls as a symbol of power. Today’s pearls are worn no longer just by a member of the royal family but by anyone who wishes to exhibit elegance and values.

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