Natural Crystals for Healing and Beauty

Citrine and silver ringQuartz crystals are used for many things, from watches, clocks, radios, measuring devices and computers to their use as healing instruments and for creating beautiful jewellery.

Besides their beauty, their main characteristic is that they have a natural vibrating frequency that can be harnessed for particular well-being purposes.

Everything around us and within us vibrates at a certain frequency.

Our own vibrational frequency can go up or down according to our emotions. They are closely linked. When you feel happy and peaceful you are vibrating at a higher frequency than when you are feeling sad, frustrated or angry.

It is at times when you are feeling low that you can make use of the higher vibrational resonance of crystals.

They can be used to help raise your frequency and in this way to help you feel lighter, happier and more peaceful. It is amazing to think that something as simple as a natural crystal can have such a healing effect.

Choosing the right crystal

It is important to choose a crystal that matches what you are hoping to crystal garnet and silver

The best way you can find out if a particular crystal is a good vibrational match for you is to use your intuition or to access your subconscious through muscle testing. The way that you can do this is by either holding the crystal, or imagining yourself holding it, in your hand and then noticing if you feel lighter or heavier as a result.

If you feel lighter it is a good match.

The other way, by muscle testing, is to choose a particular crystal and ask yourself, ‘Is this the right crystal for achieving my goal?’ and then link the forefinger and thumb of one hand inside of the closed forefinger and thumb of the other.

Then try to pull the first link away from the other. If the linked forefinger and thumb of one hand breaks open easily this indicates a ‘no’. If the linking of the two hands holds, without breaking this indicates a ‘yes’.

Once you have decided on a particular crystal, whether it is a raw piece or unique piece of silver jewelry, the next step is to allow yourself to be open to its vibration and even to enhance it by focusing on thoughts and feelings of love. Maybe you can close your eyes for a few minutes and imagine all the things that you love, all the ways that you have fun and the times that you have enjoyed life. This will help to attune it and then it will amplify it back to you.

The strength of its vibration the frequency can also be influenced by position of the crystal,  since it is influenced by gravitational pull of the earth, so experiment by pointing it to the North or South, East or West and see if it makes any difference for you.
You can choose to keep crystals in your home, by your bedside, in your pocket or to wear them as jewellery. There are certain types of  stones that are said to be good for physical healing, others for mental healing and still others that can be used for emotional enhancement.

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