Modern Look: Hip-Hop Diamond Jewelry

From: cheap diamond solitaire engagement ring. What’s great about gem stone jewelry is that it could go along with the latest fashion trend.  There are different designs and styles that could make gem jewellery fit different fashion, even Hip Hop.  Hip Hop is the fashion trend that most of the young generation follow, even celebrities would follow this latest  fashion style.

This type of  jewelry is often characterized as extravagant, flashy and catchy accessories that would also serve as a status symbol for some.  This would show or celebrate a person’s success and the quality of life they are experiencing.  This is not just about showing extravagant and expensive jewelries, but is also about celebrating life.  It is no different from how ancient cultures would use accessories.  Bones, shells and other decorative pieces are used to indicate their status in their society.

Fashion jewelries for Hip Hop emerged during 1970s.  Celebrities from different fields, music, film and sports would show up with this trend from ’80s until the ’90s. Until it was not only the celebrities showing up with this kind of fashion.  Hip Hop jewelry started to become bigger and flashier as the years have gone by, along with its number of followers.

Nowadays, it is not unusual to see artists performing with chains, diamond rings and earrings,  and watches encrusted with jewels.  Hip Hop fashion is not only about the clothes and the accessories.  It has become a lifestyle, living in extravagance, luxury and expression of success and celebration of the fruits of hard work.

The jewellery can be made from variety of materials, it could be yellow or white gold, platinum, silver and diamond.  In the ’80s and ’90s, it was mainly just gold.  But later on, silver, platinum and diamond became more popular because of the brilliance and its slick feel. Hip Hop jewelry is often referred to as Bling-Bling.  It did not only materialize in watches, rings and chains.  It is also usual to see gem stone or jewel encrusted belt buckles, dog tags, and other aspects of fashion.

With the increasing popularity of Hip Hop jewelry, there are also Bling-blings which are designed for those with simpler tastes.  These kind of jewelries are becoming popular not only with the younger generation, but even with those who belong is a more mature age level.   gem Bling-blings are great gift ideas for both men and women.  There are different designs that could go easily with different occasions.  Although, Hip Hop fashion is characterized as being flashy, there are also toned-down designs which could be given to those who do not have flashy tastes.

But diamond and jewel encrusted jewelry are not the most affordable gift items.  Actually, they can be very hard on wallets. An option would be buying similarly designed jewelries but with imitation or synthetic gems.  These diamonds are not naturally made or mined which make them more affordable, but they mimic the characteristics of a real diamond.

However, if you are decided on buying real gems for your Hip Hop fashion,  always get a grade certification from the jeweller.  This document would assure you that you got your money’s worth.  If you are not up to extravagant spending, then you could settle for some man-made diamond jewellery with the Hip Hop feel.  You could easily check for designs and costs on the internet.

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