Silver Crystal Jewellery, Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

bridesmaids crystal silver jewelry gift setCrystal is one of the best materials to work with as it possesses timeless beauty and is also relatively inexpensive.

However, depending on the type of material, it is also durable. There are numerous ways to use crystal depending on the crystal type.

Raw crystal without shape or polish can be altered as per your desire. You can wrap it into a pendant. Wire wrapping is easy and you can use any wire as this serves the specific purpose. You can use the crystal pendant on silver, gold, hemp or even a leather thong. A craft supplier will have numerous varieties of wire and you can select the best of it to make an ideal jewelry.

Determining, whether you desire to make a crystal pendant or not is the focal point for your jewelry design. It is necessary to ensure that the wire suits the rest of the piece and does not spar other parts of the jewelry. To wrap the crystal, you need to make a base on the top and this base is done by interweaving the wire on the crystal base and tightening it. This is then woven on a wire and is mounted on a pendant. Twisting the loop few times makes it more secure and if you do not wish to work using wire or in case the wrapping does not fit the overall jewelry composition, purchasing end caps from jewelry suppliers is ideal. These caps can be glued on the crystal top.

silver crystal jewellery

Purchasing crystals that are available in the beaded form is apposite. The crystals are polished or faceted and normally cost relatively more than the raw crystal. However, the use of any worked crystal is more than the raw crystal. Crystal beads act as separators for focal pieces and the faceted crystal beads become a part of your focal design. Crystal beads are available in various sizes and shapes ranging from minuscule to enormous beads. The durability of the crystal is also making it popular and as flowers and animals are carved in crystals, it is nice to use it as jewelry design.

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The only material that can be compared is glass. However, glass is susceptible to damage and chipping and crystal excels in coloration as well. The Quartz crystal comes in rainbow colors and the popular crystal quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, smoky quartz, agate and many such countless kinds are easily available.

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The bridesmaids gifts were specially made by Elana as well, details of those to come in a later post. A very special thank you to Elana and Future Fashionista for making my wedding day full of sparkle and bling!

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