How to take good care of your Gemstone Jewelry

From unique solitaire engagement rings. Your Jewelry cost a lot, so it should be well-taken care of to extend its life and beauty. Here are some guidelines to take care of your Gemstone Jewelry.

Clean it!

Cleaning your Gemstone Jewellery doesn’t require any special accessories or appliances. A bowl of water with some drops of dish detergent will do the trick. Arm yourself with a soft toothbrush and brush away especially behind the stone. Don’t scrub too hard as it may scratch the stone. Scrub gently and rinse after it is done. Dry it with a soft cloth with soft pats.

A home ultrasonic cleaner can also be used, but only for those who know how to use it and what gem to use it with. It could be used with ruby, sapphire, and amethyst, among others; however, it could damage Gems such as emerald, turquoise, and pearl. So use this appliance with extreme caution.

Take note that organic gems should only be wiped with a soft cloth when cleaning them. Pearls, corals, and ambers are examples of organic Diamonds. These Gemstones are soft and porous. Long-term exposure to chemicals such as hairspray, cosmetics, and perfume may damage these organic Gemstones, especially pearls.

Be very careful with it

Taking care of your Diamond Jewelry will make it look brand-new for many years. Oftentimes, common sense should be used in taking care of your Diamond Jewelry. Take your Jewelry off when doing strenuous activities that may cause damage to your Diamond. Diamonds are still susceptible to breakage when they collide with something hard or heavy. Gems, rubies, or sapphires may be the toughest but they can break easily when given a solid blow.

Store your Gem Jewelry separately to avoid scratches from by harder gems. If possible, get each piece a velvet box to be stored in. Don’t get lazy in storing your Diamonds as they are very valuable.

Put your Jewellery on last when dressing. This is to avoid getting the Gem tangled with your clothes. But remove the Gemstone Jewelry first at the end of the day. Its also a big no-no to wear your Jewellery when going swimming. The chlorine in the water might damage your Jewellery.

Its essential to take care of your Gemstone Jewellery so it to last a long time. The value of these pieces of Diamond Jewellery are really high and may get higher as time goes by. And who knows, after some decades, your Jewelry may be a good gift for your granddaughters! So take good care of your Diamond Jewelry.

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