History of Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

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Silver crystal jewellery has its beginnings many years ago and swarovski crystal became known over 100 years ago when a way was found to cut the crystal to make it really brillliant and splarkly.

Silver with swarovski elements

For admirers of fine crystal, there is something magical about the name Swarovski. For over 100 years, this name has stood for top-quality, full cut crystal, expertly faceted and polished to show every spark of brilliance. With Swarovski Crystal gaining in popularity today, we wanted to give you some background on where it came from. It seemed to be a perfect way of bringing together a growing number of individuals with a common interest, those interests ranging from ornaments to jewelry.

History of swarovski

Swarovski crystal was born when Bohemian, Daniel Swarovski invented an automatic cutting machine in 1892. The company was founded in 1895, when he established a crystal cutting factory in Wattens, which he could take advantage of local hydroelectricity for the energy-intensive grinding processes he had patented.

Many Swarovski Silver Crystal lovers believe that the raw material used in the manufacturing of our objects occurs naturally, like rock crystal from which containers and spheres have been carved since time immemorial. Swarovski Crystal is made at the factory in Wattens using basic formulae, perfected by Daniel Swarovski and his three sons many years ago. The quality is dependent on the production method and the processing of the raw material. Both factors play a major role in determining its brilliance and the measure of its value. Swarovski Silver Crystal if fired using a combination of natural minerals and quartz sand, and then cooled slowly to avoid stress and inclusions.

jewelry designs using swarovski crystals

We, as crystal admirers, are so grateful to Daniel Swarovski for his ingenuity and hard work in bringing something to society that has given it value and has lasted all these years.

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You will find many examples of beautiful handcrafted Swarovski Crystal jewelry peices at our website. These beautiful peices are made by designers with talent and a love for Swarovski Crystal. You can also learn about the designers and read their bios on the website. Thank you for taking an interest to learn more about the history of Swarovski.

Crystals – A Brief History

George Ravensrcoft in the year 1676 revolutionized the methods of adding the lead oxide, which brought lead crystal a major step closer to its mass production as of today. Daniel Swarovski, in 1892 invented a machine to cut jewelry.

A Modern Bit Of Bijoux History

What would happen in the XX century to the Swarovski crystal, that is, the commercialization of simil-Swarovski in order to make available to the general public an idea that was born 

Swarovski Crystal Palace

The emotive medium of cut crystal. Whilst celebrating and reinterpreting the rich traditions of the chandelier, Swarovski Crystal Palace has broken barriers, played with the rules and opened a new chapter in the history of lighting.

Swarovski Fever

Ever since we began offering our line of vintage Swarovski jewelry, I have been looking for information on the company’s history and in particular on Swarovski’s link to jewelry designed during the 1950s. These were very timely articles.

Heart With Arrow

A beautiful Swarovski crystal heart has been shot with a piercing arrow of love. The wings of the arrow are made of red Swarovski crystal, as well as the head. Give this piece to that special person you wish to share your love with.

All U Ever Wanted To Know About Genuine Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski Crystal has more than 100 years of history and is renowed for its quality and distinction. The Company has perfected a computer controlled technique for producing crystal beads that are even more precise.


Swarovski is the luxury brand name for the range of precision-cut lead crystal glass and related products produced by companies owned by Swarovski AG of Feldmeilen, near Zürich, Switzerland.

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