History of Moonstone Jewelry

Brief Instruction about moonstone jewelry?

The current increase in the reputation of moonstones used in jewelry is not amazing when you think about the actual history of the moonstone.

It had been used for hundreds of years. They were formed from moon light as per Roman thought. People believed it to be a sign of success and better luck in India of long ago as well as in the present time. For better fertility, women have been known to attach stones inside their skirts. They are believed to be a holy stone in India and Gemini’s birthstone.

What are some thoughts about attractive moonstone?

The strange play of shining, insightful light from the moonstone creates its attractive and very beautiful look. The stone exudes an opalescent shine and has a nice blue polish that charms the eye of the beholder, when the stone is shifted in the light.

The moonstone’s lights are unseen in nature. It’s when the stone cutter starts to form the stone that the shining stylishness starts to shine onwards. It is sometimes imprinted with a moon face.

The beliefs and myths connected with moonstones offer the owner the promise of strange qualities. Used normally in endorsing love, one myth is that it helps to reconcile lovers and to open hearts. This precious stone is believed to carry happiness and to promote softness.

Generally moontones are found in many places but Sri Lanka is a center point of production. The composition of the stone is potassium aluminum silicate, a feldspar mineral. Blue is the main attractive color but it can also be found in white, green, pink, brown and grey. It’s a very soft stone and can be cut very smoothly.

Blue moonstones joined with genuine silver make nice necklaces, earrings and perdants. Several women love the way they appear and feel while they are dressing in them.

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