Getting The Best From Silver Crystal Jewellery

Silver Ring Blue Topaz Handmade and crafted silver crystal jewellery has stood the test of time and remains even today an ever popular choice because of its pure elegant and classic beauty.

Crystals can be set into rings, brooches, pendants and necklaces just as they are in their natural and alluring raw state. They can be highly polished and cut for sheer brilliance, dazzle and shine.

In their natural state these precious and semi-precious stones present a variety of irregular shapes, sizes and colours. This can result in a beautiful and unique piece of stone set silver jewellery, handmade and tailored to individual taste.

Men’s silver crystal jewellery is just as popular as women’s.

Crystal gemstones can also be worked or cut to produce faceted twinkling beads and regular shapes like diamond cut princess or marquise, ovals and rounded.

It is extremely durable and looks very attractive when set in pure silver and used in exclusive silver jewellery designs.

Silver sapphire and ruby ringSilver crystal jewellery is relatively inexpensive when compared to gold, especially now that gold prices have soared in recent years. In addition the choices available to the consumer have at the same time expanded.

Silver and natural cystals has risen in popularity as the fashion accessory of choice amongst both men and women. For the man, silver jewellery that dazzles is very fashionable, particularly if it includes diamonique or the laboratory grown crystal, cubic zirconia or cz, as it is often called.

Silver stone-set jewellery is available in lots of different colours besides the traditional white of pure quartz crystal, from the dusky pinks of rose quartz crystal and the purple range of amethysts to the mystical smoky quartz and yellows and blues of citrine and topaz.

Silver and crystal jewellery is not only extremely beautiful it is also durable and longlasting if treated with appropriate care.

Just like gold, it has a tendency to go a little dull over time when exposed to air as it starts to oxidise and so it needs a polish from time to time to bring it back to its natural sheen. It is a good idea to store your silver in its original packaging or in a soft cloth or jewellery box to minimise exposure to air during those times when you are not wearing it.

Blue Topaz, pink tourmaline and oxidised silver ringBesides this there are some things to look out for to help keep your silver crystal jewellery in pristine condition.

It is best to avoid using perfumes and hair products and swimming in chlorinated or salty water when wearing silver because these products can tarnish it or blacken this precious metal.

Silver can also go black on some people in relation to their diet and acid-alkaline balance. It can be a good indicator of poor health and that something in the diet needs to be changed.

It would be advisable to put on your silver jewellery AFTER your swim, or after you have finished doing your hair, putting your make-up on and spraying with perfume.

Sometimes a simple wipe with a dry clith is all you need to keep it shiny and attractive. At other times you may need a sp[ecial cloth or cleaning liquid if it is particularly soiled. So if you do find that your silver has tarnished or lost its sheen you can often bring it back to being shiny again by rubbing with a cloth or even rinsing in a mild solution of washing up liquid.

If the stain is a little more stubborn you can use commercial products such as a silver cleaning cloth,  which is specially impregnated with a silver cleaning substance, or a silver cleaning liquid that you can dip your silver into and from which it comes out ‘magically’ clean in seconds.

beaded crystal bracelets In this latter case don’t forget to rinse under the cold water tap before drying to remove any traces of the cleaning fluid which if left unwashed may cause the silver to become dull. When it comes to crystal set silver jewellery you may be wondering if the liquid will damage the crystals in any way. Rest assured these cleaning materials are very gentle and will do no harm to your crystals. They can be immersed along with the silver it is set into and your crystals will emerge bright, shiny and twinkling too.

So with a little regular maintenance now and again your silver crystal jewellery should give you a lot of pleasure for many years to come.

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