Diamond Solitaire Is A Classical And A Timeless Beauty

Everyone knows that a diamond solitaire ring makes for a classic item of jewelry that is most loved because it represents a certain sense of timeless beauty that is hard to match by other ornaments. Many women prefer the diamond solitaire ring over wearing ornaments that even boast of clustered diamonds because the appeal and aura of a single large diamond is hard to match and its stunning effect on the eye of the beholder leaves them gasping in amazement. In fact, the diamond solitaire is the single most impressive item of jewelry that surpasses the beauty and popularity of all other jewelry items.

Simplicity And Diamond Solitaire

Typically, the diamond solitaire ring has a band made from white gold and if you ensure that the ring personifies simplicity the effect will be truly stunning. The diamond sparkles more if it had simpler setting although other diamond shapes including square, round as well as heart shaped are also available.

Gifting a diamond solitaire ring has been a tradition from very early times and of course it has always been the privilege of a very elite class of people though after diamonds were discovered in South Africa during the late part of the nineteenth century giving of diamond solitaire rings became more commonplace.

Then, towards the end of the nineteenth century the ‘tiffany’ setting began to be more widely accepted which represented a change from the earlier use of colored gemstones. The early twentieth century saw the advent of the ‘princess’ setting and it is still very popular today. The key to buying the right diamond solitaire ring is to first look at your budget and decide what you can afford to pay. Next, you should try and choose the round shaped diamond as these are more luminous, brilliant and are sure to be more striking.

You can also pick a smaller sized diamond though it should at the same time give the appearance of being large and this can easily be achieved by using the bezel setting. A diamond solitaire ring can prove to be a very handy investment as one can get good price of it even in tough financial times.

One must learn the best way to buy a diamond solitaire pendant. If you check out websites such as bluenile.Bluenile.com website is helpful in giving you answers in this regard. Factors like color and lack of imperfections are important and must be taken into account.

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