Custom Jewelry: The One-of-a-Kind Gift

Jewelry has long been one of the most popular gift ideas for men and women of any age.

Think of all the jewellery commercials and advertisements you see every day and you will see that the jewellery companies are always marketing for Christmas, Valentine s Day, wedding anniversaries and of course for weddings and engagements. Jewelry for Mothers Day is probably the most popular "jewellery holiday."

While a lovely piece of jewelry from a retailer is always very much appreciated and can be exactly what you are looking for, many people want something that is unique, highly personalized and completely one of a kind. Custom jewelry may be just the option that you may wish to consider, even if you aren’t an artist or don’t have a really creative flair. Giving a unique piece of custom designed silver jewelry or gold means you never have to worry about seeing anyone else wearing the same piece.

Custom jewelry can be completely originally and may include personalized rings, necklaces, earrings or even bracelets. If you don t want to start right from scratch or from an idea, you can always work from what you like and make modifications. Rings are a great example of using an already developed setting to form the basic structure of the ring, then customize with specific gems or even some additional detail work such as engraving. Custom rings can also include birthstones or even non-gem type additions that can include designs in gold, silver, platinum, titanium or even other metals.

Necklaces and necklace pendants can be customized with gems and birthstones, but they can also be designed in a meaningful symbol or representation. With new laser cutting techniques it is possible to cut out very detailed pendants or charms right from photographs, making a one of a kind pendant or necklace. These very unique types of pendants or necklaces are great for both men or women since they are so highly personalized.

Bracelets, like necklaces and rings, can also be customized. If the bracelet is a cuff style there are options for engraving, detailing, adding gems or even creating a free form style of bracelet. Choosing the style of bracelet will have a great influence on how much custom work can be completed. Customizing a bracelet may also include adding a variety of charms, perhaps even a charm for each child or family member is a good option for mothers or grandmothers.

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