Clear Crystal Quartz Meaning and Uses

Clear Quartz Crystal

Nicknamed the ‘Universal Crystal’ because it has so many uses. It is the most versatile and most powerful of all the healing crystals.

Quartz Crystal is a balancer and harmoniser and also a powerful amplifier of our bio-field, our thoughts and our intentions, raising them to higher levels and filtering out any distractions.

Quartz is a great cleanser, unblocking at both the physical and more subtle levels and helps us to align with our spiritual purpose.

It boosts the immune system and can work with any condition since it can be ‘programmed’ to work with any particular problem or issue. This beautiful┬átransparent crystal, which looks like ice, ┬ácontains a vast store of information which, like a library can be┬áretrieved and used for healing and spiritual tuning.

It can help in improving memory and gaining greater focus

Rainbow Quartz connects us with universal love, dissolves any negative energies and brings deep healing


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