Caring for your Jewelry & Bracelets

Caring properly for your silver bracelet is important to maintain its gorgeous look

Silver is a metal, but it is susceptible to the effects of the environment. Silver is likely to tarnish or oxidize when exposed to the elements. Salt, sulfur, and oxygen are the culprits when it comes to silver tarnish. From Christian bracelets to charm bracelets, you can find endless styles of silver jewelry. They all look their best when cared for correctly.

Preventing tarnish on your favorite footprints bracelet is not as hard as it first may seem.

  • Primary causes of tarnish include certain products and chemicals.
  • Certain substances like perfume, lotion, sunscreen, suntan oil, rubber, and hair spray are all to be avoided.
  • All of these common household items have the potential to contribute to tarnish. When you’re using chemicals like ammonia, alcohol, nail polish, or bleach, remove your silver jewelry.
  • Tape, cardboard, and newspaper contain acids that can damage a silver bracelet
  • Surprisingly, wool and felt contain sulfur that contributes to oxidization.

If you want to avoid tarnish, avoiding contact with all of these things will help keep your favorite salvation bracelet tarnish free.

Regular cleaning will remove tarnish and keep your bracelet looking beautiful. It is a good idea to use cleaners designed for this purpose, to avoid scratching the silver.

Never use a toothbrush to clean your jewelry; cotton clothes that are lint free work best. Water and a light soap without additives will clean the silver nicely. You can use any kind of polish made for this purpose, whether it is a paste, a liquid, or foam. Polishes that leave behind a wax finish are good because they create a barrier to prevent tarnish in the future. Wrap up your cleaning by rinsing the bracelet and lightly patting dry.

Storing your silver bracelet in an airtight container will protect your jewelry.

This prevents oxidization, the enemy of your silver. Avoid storing the bracelet in tissue or cardboard, since the chemicals in them do your silver no favors. Some manufacturers make special cloths that are made to store silver jewelry. Anti-tarnishing strips are also available to help aid in limiting tarnish. The most surprising way to avoid tarnish is simply to wear your bracelet regularly. The natural oils in your skin act as a natural barrier against tarnish.

The easiest way to care for your silver bracelet is simply to clean it regularly, store it securely, and to wear it often!

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