Bling Bling Jewelry

Silver and Bling is the newest jewelry that has caught the imagination of the young and the old

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Bling or bling-bling whatever you call it, there is no denying  the fact that this type of jewelry is absolutely stunning and allows a huge amount of creativity for the wearer. Bling does not always require any special designing; a bling can be only a single piece attached to a string. But it often follows the designs of the stars too.

Youngsters are especially hooked on this jewelry, because it allows them to wear what they believe in. Bling can be the cheapest of jewelry or the most expensive. This depends on what is being used as the bling. The most common stone used is either crystal, (fake bling bling), diamond (real bling) or cubic zirconia (often called American Diamond) which is diamond grown in the laboratory.

You will find cool silver pendants as blings, some of the most expensive ones would be a single large precious stone tied down on a gold or silver  chain, you can even use a string of beads with a large bead at the end.

Bling has no main rules, it is wear anything around your neck but there are often some common and looked for designs. Blings have become a must have for the youth, no hip hop look is complete without a bling. Girls can wear blings not just around their necks, these can be worn as earrings and ring bling. Bling bling watches are also in high demand.

Among this jewelry category you will find some of the blings are most enchanting and meaningful. People have designed this expressive jewelry to support several causes about unrest around the world. Whether it is for feminism or it is for astatement about  pollution, you will find a reason to wear this jewelry.

Blings are also undergoing several changes, what earlier started as wearing something simply threaded into a string, has now become more fashionable. People are putting on beads on their blings and making it all the more colorful and hipper. You will enjoy how exiting some of the blings look like.

The reason why bling is so in is because it looks good on almost any type of apparel. However, you may have to modify it to some extent to suit requirements of every occasion. Blings are being used not just by the young, these are being used quite comfortably by middle aged and even the senior people too, although younger people’s bling is usually bigger and more ostentatious.


So check out the bling jewelry if you want to do the IN thing.
By ujwala bapat

Friday Night Bling

For you white devils who don’t know what bling is…here is the definition from the dictionary: Bling is the metallic adornments worn by homies on dere bodies and teefs.  

For the smart mom: Teething Bling

Teething Bling, made by Smart Mom, is the original patent-pending teething jewelry! It’s made from only the highest-quality, phthalate-free, federally approved silicone, the same material as many teething toys. 

Meaning of blingbling

Dictionary definition of bling-bling is slang flashy; ostentatious; glitzy. 

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