Aquamarine Crystal Meaning and Uses


This clear to opaque crystal has a beautiful soft colour ranging from gentle blue to green, like the sea.

In fact it has a traditional relationship of protection for those travelling by sea.

The spiritual softness of this meditation crystal calms and soothes, bringing inner peace and harmony to everything around and stimulating the desire to serve.

It is also a crystal of courage and helps to dissolve anger andĀ fear and to shield from dark forces.

Aquamarine is considered to help feelings of overwhelm when taking on too much responsibility, bringing back balance and clearer self-direction, free of personal sabotage.

It is associated with the clearing of underlying emotions through greater awareness and a deeper intuitive connection.

Aquamarine is known to be helpful for physical issues such as chronic fatigue, thyroid imbalances, eye and stomach problems and is considered to be a good general cleanser.

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