Amethyst Jewelry

Silver jewellery dresses up beautifully when you add natural gemstones.

Amethyst has long been used as gemstones and ornamental stones. Jewelry designers and makers from all around the world have selected amethyst for making jewelry pieces like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bangles and many other pieces of beautiful and affordable fashion jewelry.

The hardness of this gemstone is seven according to Mohs scale and is suitable for making jewelry. The term Amethyst originated from the Greek word ‘Amethuskein’ or ‘Amesthystos’ and the meaning of these words are ‘sober’ or ‘not intoxicated’.

Amethyst is a mineral gemstone and transparent macro crystalline quartz. The color of the gemstone is due to the manganese impurities and the color intensity of this gemstone is controlled by the iron content.

This gemstone can be found in various shades of purple ranging from pale lavender to deep purples. Purple color is the identity of amethyst and even more expensive purple colored gemstones are compared with the color and beauty. Pale lavender colored amethyst is the least expensive one and the dark violet shaded amethyst is the most expensive. The dark violet amethyst will show flashes of red under incandescent light.

This stone is found as long prismatic crystals with six sided pyramid at both end. The popularity of the amethyst is in its color and the crystal shapes which form a purple, sparkling cluster. The texture and character formation of Amethyst differs from region to region and mine to mine i.e. experts can identify the locality of a particular amethyst as they are unique in each region. The uniqueness of amethyst in different localities depends on its color intensity, crystal shape, associations, inclusions and the character of formation.

Amethyst is found mostly in Canada, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia and Africa. South American amethyst is large in size and has a better color saturation than the African amethyst. The famous pale colored Rose-de-France is coming from Brazil. Amethyst plays a major role in the economy of various states in Brazil and Uruguay. Madagascar is the third major amethyst export country. In its pure form is colorless and is found in abundance. If amethyst is heated, then the color is removed or changes in to yellow of citrine. Many of the commercial citrine is made by heating amethyst. There are bicolor stones also in amethyst like the stones recently found in the form of causticised crystal nuggets in Bolivia. This variety is called as ametrine because in certain energy states, the iron content introduces violet areas to the yellow citrine.

Amethyst is a birthstone for the people born in the month of February and is the gemstone of the fourth and sixth wedding anniversaries. It symbolizes wisdom and spirituality. The mystical abilities and power of healing of this gemstone is widely known.

It is believed to have the power to prevent intoxication. Some of these stones are pale colored which gives a feeling of colorlessness in daylight. Amethyst can lose their color due to rough use and so it should no be worn while sunbathing, in a discotheque with black light and in a solarium. These stones may also get damaged due to sudden changes in temperature.

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Sparkling earrings feature plump faceted Ametrine stones with smaller faceted Citrine above. Ametrine is a natural gemstone cut from a crystal where Amethyst and Citrine grew together. 

Silver Amethyst  Sterling Silver Amethyst Ring

Silver amethyst ring. Amethyst can be used to in attractive pendants, necklaces, rings, ear studs and bracelets. Amethyst stones are usually set in gold and silver jewelry. Amethyst jewelry can be combined with pearls.

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Of course, one of the most popular types of purple jewelry is the amethyst. The beautiful gemstone is available in a variety of hues. Try a combining an amethyst pendant jewelry necklace and matching ring set in silver or amethyst 

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