A Guide To Diamond Studs

One can buy diamonds easily if he has knowledge and information about carat, cut, color and clarity of the diamonds. There are other advanced characteristics as well such as enhancement and fluorescence that make the difference to the appearance. Understanding the characteristics of each diamond helps you make a better choice when making the diamond investment.

Buying Diamond Studs

A well chosen piece of jewelry can complement your beauty and brighten up your face. A good pair of earrings is an essential accessory to the wardrobe of every woman. Diamond studs look elegant, no matter what the size and style. They are also easy and small to use and store. These days, diamond studs are made in different styles so as to suit all the age groups and ethnic backgrounds.

Diamond studs also make a great gift, and convey the taste and individuality. These earrings suit both the sexes equally, and are loved by men as well as women. Just like solitaire rings, diamond studs never go out of fashion, and are usually the all time favorite piece of jewelry. You can wear them with all kinds of dresses, and they are versatile enough to match with jeans and cocktail dresses equally.

Diamond studs are of two types; clip-on for the ears that are not pierced and for the pierced ears. Four prong baskets is the most common setting for the diamond studs style, and it is most preferred as it shows off the maximum diamonds and holds the diamond securely enough.

If you already have a diamond ring or pendant, choose the diamond studs of the same color so that they complement each other. Diamond studs earrings will last a lifetime, hence make sure that you buy from a reputable jeweler, else you can end up spending too much money and time for the sub-standard quality of diamonds.

Choosing the diamond studs can be quite confusing and tricky, so you should start by evaluating the wearer’s face and skin tone. For women with thin face, round cut diamond studs are a better choice, and for women having slightly broader face, princess cut pair will suit the looks. You also must consider the metal setting for the diamond studs. Platinum or white gold are usually the preferred choices as they set off a cool skin tone, but yellow gold harmonizes well with the warmer skin tones.

As with any piece of jewelry, the diamond studs must be meticulously cared for. Excessive twisting can lead to loosening the setting, and making space for grime and dirt that will dull the dazzle. To prevent scratches, store the diamond studs away from other jewelry items.

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